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Driver from ( select top 1 Top Speed, Time Sent, Driver from Car Data where Car Data. The Car Data table contains all the detailed car data like speed and position etc. MERGE INTO Table Name USING ( VALUES (1000, 5), (1001, 10), (1002, 30) ) AS source (Row ID, Column_name) ON Table Name. Row ID WHEN MATCHED THEN UPDATE SET Column_name = source.Hi Site Point members I have been perusing through the solutions for "updating multiple rows with one query", but I have a pressing question: How would one "SET" multiple column values with one query?There are other issues but, I got confused with the table names.bazz My answers are in one table (table_foobar), and does use a FK(question_id) to relate them to the questions table (table_questions).

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Let us see by an example: Now if I run an UPDATE for TARGET table with data from SOURCE table , I will get the error : TARGET ROW UPDATED BY MULTIPLE SOURCE ROWS; the reason is I have two rows in SOURCE with CUST_ID = 1.

So while updating the TARGET table, TERADATA won’t be able to understand from which row it should update the TARGET row i.e.

CREATE TABLE public.dummy ( address_id SERIAL, addr1 character(40), addr2 character(40), city character(25), state character(2), zip character(5), customer boolean, supplier boolean, partner boolean ) WITH ( OIDS=FALSE ); insert into address customer,supplier,partner SELECT case when cust.addr1 is not null then TRUE else FALSE end customer, case when suppl.addr1 is not null then TRUE else FALSE end supplier, case when partn.addr1 is not null then TRUE else FALSE end partner from ( SELECT * from address) pa left outer join cust_original cust on (pa.addr1=cust.addr1 and pa.addr2=cust.addr2 and pa.city=and pa.state=cust.state and substring(cust.zip,1,5) = ) left outer join supp_original suppl on (pa.addr1=suppl.addr1 and pa.addr2=suppl.addr2 and pa.city=and pa.state=suppl.state and = substring(suppl.zip,1,5)) left outer join partner_original partn on (pa.addr1=partn.addr1 and pa.addr2=partn.addr2 and pa.city=and pa.state=partn.state and = substring(partn.zip,1,5) ) where pa.address_id = address_id UPDATE dummy SET customer=subquery.customer, address=subquery.address, partn=subquery.partn FROM (SELECT address_id, customer, address, partn FROM /* big hairy SQL */ ...) AS subquery WHERE dummy.address_id=subquery.address_id; it seems that i'm trying for a bit different thing for eg.

if there are 3 bool columns c1,c2,c3 all set to false initially. update set c1=TRUE where id in (subquery1),set c2=TRUE where id in (subquery2), set c3=True where id in (subquery3).

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