Updating an older bathroom

With that said, I will answers your questions in the order in which you asked them: 1. In other words, the sky is the limit for how you want the final look to be on your tiles.Remember, we sell small 8 ounce paint testers in our paint department in a semi/high gloss sheen that can be tinted, so you aren't stuck with buying bigger quart sizes of colors you just may need on a few tiles.When we were shopping for our current home three years ago, we almost bought a cute mid-century ranch.But after sleeping on it, I felt like because of the style of the home, there would be too much pressure to decorate it "When we found our current home (built in 1885), I knew I could renovate it without guilt because it had been reconfigured many times and most of the updates were from the 1980s.The worst that can happen is that you have wet paint on the walls that be painted over or wiped off!There is a certain pressure that comes with owning an older home to "be true to the era". On one hand, it makes sense to try to match updates to the era the home was built in.This balance of how much to renovate and decorate within the era of the home is something we've talked about a lot, and today I want to open up the conversation to you all as well!I definitely believe that there is a balance between leaving everything "old fashioned" and updating it to the point that it loses the things that make an older home special.

), but after digging deeper, I found out most of the updates were done in the 1980s.

But where is that line, and how do you create that balance?

Before you decide to keep a light fixture, built in or appliance because it's "original", do the research to find out how old it really is.

I thought about taking it out, but that would require me to put in a n" itemprop=" description" /I want to update my bathroom as inexpensively as possible. We sell a few primers that will work, but the best for your application would be Cover-Stain by Zinsser.

(I am planning on selling) I have that 70's ceramic that is about 5 feet high and surrounds the walls, tub and sink. Can I do a random faux finish on a few tiles to update the style? It's an oil-based formula, which means that it once dried, it will create a sort of moisture barrier for your tile and grout underneath, something that will be needed in a wet location area such as a bathroom.

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