Stop windows from updating vista

The lower pane will show what’s being deleted and if there are any errors.

For best results, it’s best to disable Defender beforehand using one of the methods above.

Also, once removed, you can’t re-install Defender again because it isn’t a separate package.

As there seems to be no tool around to do it for you, we’ve decided to create our own little utility that can delete all the necessary protected registry keys, files and folders at the click of a button.

For most users, simply turning off Windows Defender or disabling it via the Services Control Panel should be enough to stop it running.

Go to the Startup tab and uncheck Windows Defender displayed in the Startup Item column.

Click OK and at the restart box check “Don’t show this message again” and then click “Exit without restart”.

Of course, there are many other tools around that can disable Windows startup entries such as CCleaner which you can use instead if you wish.

Look for “Windows Defender” in the services list and double click on it to bring up the Properties window.3.

Click the Stop button to stop the Windows Defender service and then click on the Startup type drop down menu and select Disabled. This way is just as easy, go to Control Panel - Windows Defender, or if it’s running in the tray under Vista, simply double click on the tray icon.2. In Windows Vista scroll right to the bottom of the window and you’ll see an option “Use Windows Defender” under Administrator options.

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  1. Either way, these programs require a user to log on and use a designated username (screenname / handle etc.) that becomes their identity on the system while in use.