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An accurate translation would be: "I am now and will continue to be in the future that which I am now and will be continue to be in the future".

That's quite a mouthful and you can see why most translations prefer to dumb it down.

Most Hebrew roots are "whole" roots meaning all three letters of the root are present regardless of how the root is used in different grammatical forms. In this form of the verb, the H of BNH drops and is replaced by a Yod.

If you didn't know about hollow verbs and saw the word baniti you might think the root was BNY בני when in fact it is BNH בנה. The name Yehovah derives from the three­letter root HYH which means "to be".

The word e HYe H has all three letters of the root HYH which may lead you to conclude that HYH is a "whole" root.

However, in other forms of the verb, the second and third letter drop which means it is a "hollow" root.

Don't worry, I'm almost done with the crash course in Hebrew grammar. Yehovah comes from the same root as Ehyeh: the hollow root HYH.

But does the meaning of the name tell us its pronunciation? Many ancient Hebrew names stray from the vowel patterns found in common nouns and verbs.

For example, my name Nehemia (pronounced N'chem­Yah) means "Yah comforts".

With a few exceptions, every word in the Hebrew language has a three ­letter root, something proven in the 11th century by the Spanish rabbi Yonah Ibn Janah. As a "whole" root, the letters shin mem resh are always present in words derived from this root. In "hollow" roots, one or more of the three letters of the root can be absent in certain grammatical forms.

Modern linguistics has confirmed this, observing that the three ­letter root is a basic characteristic of all Semitic languages. For example, the root BNH בנה" to build" loses the third letter of the root in the verb baniti (spelled BNYty בניתי" (I built".

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