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"We genuinely like each other and have spoken regularly from the moment we stopped filming," said Birch in June 2014.The ex-wife of the wealthy American 'swinger' alleged to have partied with a Dutch model before she plunged naked to her death has told how he was a straight-laced homebody, describing their life as 'very apple pie, very vanilla'.On June 12, 2014, it was announced the show was pulled from the air in the US and cancelled after airing only four episodes.The complete series was broadcast on the ITV2 channel in the UK, on Latin-American E!

But when I knew him, he wouldn't have hurt a fly'The model's family told the Malaysian Mail that they had set up a fundraising page to pay for a Dutch pathologist to fly to Kuala Lumpur to determine whether their daughter's death was an accident or crime.But when I knew him, he wouldn't have hurt a fly.'Now, however, Johnson is facing claims of sordid partying before a suspicious death.Alexander Johnson, 44, and his wife Luna (pictured together) are at the center of a mysterious death involving Dutch model Ivana Smit, 18.The series first aired in the USA on May 20, 2014, on Fox.On June 12, 2014, Fox cancelled I Wanna Marry "Harry" after four of the eight produced episodes due to low ratings but announced it would air the remainder on, cable On Demand, The first episode aired on Fox following the last season 13 American Idol performance show and had a 1.5 household rating, with a 0.7 for adults 18-49.

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