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The Ottawa river valley has archaeological sites with arrow heads, pottery, and stone tools.

This brought him to the attention of a stranded Cambridge camp, who had lost their busy coach to politics three months before the 1968 race.Many missionaries would later follow the early explorers and traders.The first maps of the area used the word Ottawa, derived from the Algonquin word adawe ("to trade", used in reference to the area's importance to First Nations traders), to name the river.His decades with Cambridge have seen seismic changes, from the old-boy-network amateurism of earlier races to the status the Boat Race now enjoys as the world's best-known rowing duel.Sponsorship money linked to a global audience of 400 million has given both sides professional coaching teams, a far cry from the days when the departure of an Old Blue coach would see the club's alumni scouring their address books for a volunteer with enough time to help.

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