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2005 The Straits Times (National Day Special), 9 August, 102–103.Last kampung standing [title] Kampong Lorong Buang Kok is one of the last kampungs left on the mainland. You, Silver Packiam s/o Nurusamy, are charged that you.. The aquatic form planted by Malays in the rice fields, provides a succulent leaf vegetable called ‘water kangkong’ ( [Mand. The other variety is the dryland form, known as kangkong puteh, grown from seeds as are other vegetables except it requires plenty of water.This topic arose at a recent group coffee-cum-complaints (or ‘kopi-cum-kau peh kau bu’, as we prefer to call it) session at a hawker centre. Singapore’s karung guni folk are the unsung heroes [title].. Since the early days, they have been the country’s recycling backbone.The sight of an old lady struggling to push her load of recyclable material elicits sympathy among passers-by. I see the old lady as a karung guni or rag-and-bone trader. She and her karung guni trade perform some important functions in society. Without their backbreaking toil to balance an increasingly affluent throwaway society, we would be incinerating and land-filling a lot more rubbish.Informal recycling by the rag-and-bone folk is progressively replaced by institutionalised recycling programmes.

This Middle Eastern dish is commonly eaten in Malay households but rarely sold in stalls.

His most pleasant childhood memories are involved with his play in the little woods around his kampung, picking fruits, etc.

, 6 January, H1 Kampung spirit lives on in HDB homes [title] The nearest bus-stop was an hour on foot from Colin Ang’s kampung when his extended family lived in Boh Suan Tian, now Seletar Reservoir, for over two decades.

Weekend Today, 16–17 December, 38 If you know Malay, you’ll know that kachang puteh literally means “white beans”.

And you’ll have noticed the incongruity of the name given to the assorted, colourful nuts we’re so familiar with. [D]oesn’t kachang puteh bring to mind Indian vendors who sell them in paper cones?

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