Internet dating fatigue

Some, despite increasing scientific evidence, remain sceptical that the disease exists at all.

Richard, an officer with Sussex police, felt as helpless as I did.

Her body was jerking in violent spasms and she could hardly draw breath.

Blood tests and X-rays were carried out, and Richard and I went to the hospital in Tunbridge Wells for the results. The tests had found no reason for Lynn’s condition, and he started berating us for keeping Lynn off school for three months.‘It’s disgraceful,’ he barked.

’ asks the usher.‘Yes,’ comes the reply.‘On the charge of attempting to murder her daughter, Lynn Gilderdale, how do you find? It had been such an ordinary autumn afternoon when, 17 years earlier, I took the call that marked the beginning of the end for family life as we had always known it.

It was the secretary at Lynn’s school, asking if I would go and collect her.

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