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Three phase electricity is located along the north and west boundaries of the farm with most of the wells having electric lines to the well sites though service is not in place.One well located in the approximate center of the property is equipped with 1 Ω HP domestic pump.Also, due to recent widespread interest in hosting wedding receptions in barns, we have dedicated a section of our bulletin board to that topic.If you are searching for a barn, or want to share your wedding reception experience, please take a look at the "Barns for Weddings and Other Events" section of The Barn Board.

The High Plains Underground Water Conservation District has observation well located on the property which shows 76.86 feet of saturated thickness.We currently have barns in only a few states, and we need your help to add more.If you have any information on such a barn, please let us know via email at [email protected] Colorado Located on the north side of Hwy.10 just east of Walsenburg, Colorado and adjacent to the Maria Reservoir in the open, rolling prairie and arroyos of the Colorado Front Range just at the eastern edge of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains.

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