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Was it on Usenet, My Space, Live Journal, an AOL chat room or somewhere else? Fill out the form at the bottom of this article with stories of your first online friends and we might include them in this blog post.

George Takei, actor, director, activist and viral star: My first online friends were Jay Kuo and Lorenzo Thione, the creators of the Broadway musical “Allegiance.” Back in 2011, they sat me down over brunch in West Hollywood and suggested that we use social media to promote the show. They then suggested a few months later that I launch a Facebook page. Jay and Lorenzo to this day continue to provide strategic and technical guidance on my online activities.

And then I’d be on for maybe 10 minutes before call waiting kicked me off.

It took a lot of dedication at the time to be online.

One night, Jesse responded to a post of mine, and we began talking; soon we were messaging each other for several hours every night.

He told me one day that he would meet me on my way to my jazz band class because he wanted to give me a pick for my bass guitar.

It links two or more people anywhere in the world, and the early Web was defined by relationships that were novel because they were, at the time, so unlikely.This was the first time I’d ever felt in control of how I looked.And even if that control was limited to pixels and profile themes made from crude HTML, I was drunk on the power.In addition to our nerd activities, we actually formed a rock band together as teenagers. I completely skipped Myspace’s reign on the Internet and truly started making friends on You Tube. I commented on her videos and enjoyed listening to her talk about her everyday life.Evelyn from the Internets, You Tuber, co-creator of the Web series “Austin While Black,” featured in Beyoncé’s “Formation” tour: Imagine a 10-year-old girl sitting in front of a bulky Gateway monitor cruising the mean streets of . I don’t remember when she noticed me, but You Tube “friends in your head” always start out that way.

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