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Ms Smith said: 'She began talking to him over the video service Yahoo Messenger but he informed her he couldn't send live video of himself due to security risks in Afghanistan - something she accepted.

Olasemo, 37, was allowed into Britain on a student visa, where he set up a profile from his Cardiff home, pretending to be an American serviceman.

The gang would travel to France and hand over stolen or genuine passports to waiting immigrants which looked like them.

Once the immigrants got to the UK, the gang would recycle the passports passing them on to others trying to sneak into the country.

The prosecutor said: 'There is no evidence they were stopped and they must have entered the UK successfully.'The actually passport holders have never been on the Eurostar and it follows the person travelling on that travel document must have been an impostor.

Both Kapoors, of Hounslow, and Chawla, of Isleworth, pleaded guilty in March this year, before the their trial was due to start, to one count of conspiracy help an asylum seeker to enter the UK in May and June 2014, just before their trial was due to start.

Its border with British India, the Durand Line, was formed in 1893 but it is not recognized by the Afghan government and it has led to strained relations with Pakistan since the latter's independence in 1947.

Following the Third Anglo-Afghan War in 1919 the country was free of foreign influence, eventually becoming a monarchy under King Amanullah, and later for 40 years under Zahir Shah.

Border officials were unable to distinguish between the illegal immigrants who masqueraded as the genuine passport holders because they were wearing turbans - which Sikh men are allowed to have on in their ID documents.The root name "Afghan" was used historically in reference to a member of the ethnic Pashtuns, and the suffix "-stan" means "place of" in Persian and Hindi.Therefore, Afghanistan translates to land of the Afghans or, more specifically in a historical sense, to land of the Pashtuns.However the court was told there would be no Newton hearing in relation to Daljit Kapoor, following an agreement between the prosecution and defence over his basis of plea.For the conspiracy the trio were paid up to ,000 per family or £9,300 to get entry into the UK.

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