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Almost rubbery, like Charatan Double Comfort stems, or for a modern comparison, like the very soft ebonite Dolly Wood cuts Ferndown stems from.The one modern Dunhill I have that doesn’t have a Cumberland stem has a similarly nice, soft vulcanite stem. There is not a ton of material around on these great old pipes, and there aren’t too many of them to be had compared to the other English marques from the period.When I received the pipe I took the following photos of it to give you the big picture of this tiny pipe.The stem was in good shape but had the most oxidation of the lot that was sent to me.The finish was worn on the rim as well as darkened and dented.

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A shape catalog that is very, very English, outdated by today’s standards for all but the most ardent Anglophile.

Stems that mirrored the fantastic cut of a Comoy’s hand cut stem, with the added bonus that the earlier pipes had stems using a softer vulcanite.

It has some amazing information on Loewe pipes and I have included that information here for ease of use. How to rank them in terms of the many great London made pipes of their era?

For me in the simplest of subjective terms, Loewe pipes from before the Civic era are like Comoy’s, but even better.

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