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I'd love to read a book with you and discuss what you thought of it. Once we reach the comfort level for a sexual relationship I also have a fairly high sex drive.Likewise, go to a movie and debate the positives and negatives over coffee. Hi there, my names Victoria Grace and welcome to a little part of me. I'm a bubbly, fun and loveable girl looking for her someone in the world.I am looking for someone (male or female, no couples) with a good sense of humour, who is a clear and open communicator and lives in the Peterborough area or is willing to travel to me. I want to know about you and things that are important to you.

I'm not looking for a room mate or a one night stand.

I rent a 3 bedroom house that I keep to myself, my little dog and my bird. I love long conversations and learning about people.

I prefer to rent because I am still a bit of a gypsy and I love to travel which I do every couple months or so. I'm adventurous - I would rather walk around a new city or town than drive it.

I want someone in my life I can be friends with first and foremost, while open to the relationship evolving. One thing I hear about myself often is that I give my emotions completely to people.

Being introverted, the bar scene isn't really my thing (aside from Tonic, awesome Karaoke venue), but if you can have fun in smaller groups or large groups for limited time spans, we'll be good. Once I'm emotionally invested in you, you are important to me and I'm fiercely loyal and protective. I love small touches, hand holding, PDAs, really big on hugs, etc.

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