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Using sustainable production techniques and recognised expertise, the company aims to educate consumers about the diversity of potatoes (image), along with their many different textures and uses.At FRUIT LOGISTICA, Maison Bayard presents numerous newly rediscovered potato varieties such as Institut de Beauvais and Corne de Gâte, Agria, Anden Sunside, Blue Belle, Blue Star, Double Fun, Lily Rose, Miss Blush, and Juliette des sables.A number of benefits were shown in extensive trials, including significantly longer shelf life and better produce quality.Other benefits rage from fewer in-store losses and customer complaints, to a lower number of spoilage organisms and pathogens.The company plans to launch its range of IFS and Certisys certified products on the European market.2VD SPRLBE-Sclayn Hall 6.2, Booth C-06 Contact: Olivier Van Assche Phone: 01 [email protected] Spud™, the industry’s leading smart sensor for potatoes, and Produce QC, the customisable smart sensor for perishable produce, have been significantly upgraded with advanced sensor technology.They also save time, because the leaves no longer need to be separated from the stems.

Agricola Italiana Snc IT-Massanzago Hall 5.1, Booth B-14 Contact: Cristian Grappiglia Phone: 39-049-5797533 [email protected] black garlic "Amefruits gourmet" (image) is made with the best Spanish purple garlic grown in Las Pedroñeras.The selected bulbs are fermented for approximately 40 days at controlled temperatures between 65°C and 80°C and a specific humidity level.The result is an energising black garlic containing natural proteins that reduces cholesterol and triglycerides and has ten times more antioxidants than the untreated bulbs. ES-Bigastro Hall 11.2, Booth B-02 Contact: Francisco Giménez Phone: 34-635-434698 [email protected] outstanding Anacail System (image) uses plasma technology to convert a portion of the oxygen inside a food pack into ozone.A bunch of fresh basil consists of 80% stems and only 20% leaves.2BFresh is presenting a new product at FRUIT LOGISTICA: Basil Tops (image) give customers exactly what they need – just the tops, so they're not paying for the weight of unused stems.

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