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Or your thinking about enlisting in the military and want to see what it is like before signing the next 4 years away. Our Advanced series of Tactical Classes are not basic firearms courses but are designed for the experienced shooter in good health.It is a very calculated day that will test you to the very core both mentally and physically. Members from State, Country and Local Police Departments.Everyday life becomes easier because you have just been through the hardest 24-hours that most people ever will go through. Individual Advanced training classes are offered daily in Tactical Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun, Hand to Hand, Pepper spray, Baton, Taser, Long Distant Rifle Shooting (Sniper School) for those that can not attend one of the week long camps.(see individual pages for more info, pistol, rifle, shotgun, etc.) Northern Firearms Training Center has a private campground that your family can stay at for no extra fees.IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A DOCTOR YOU WILL BE BROUGHT TO OUR CLINIC AT YOUR EXPENSE. All of our Instructor/Training Staff have one or more of the following training credentials: U. MILITARY & CIVILIAN MEDICAL PERSONAL WILL BE ON HAND 24/7 WHILE TRAINING IS CONDUCTED. BEGINNING CONDITIONING COURSES ARE OFFERED AND RECOMMENDED BEFORE TRYING ONE OF THE ADVANCE TACTICAL COURSES. IF YOU CAN NOT DO A TASK AND QUIT, YOU WILL NOT BE ASKED TO LEAVE CAMP AND CAN STILL DO SOME OF THE TRAINING, BUT YOU WILL NOT GRADUATE WITH THE CLASS, AND YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE A CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION.

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