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Following her fallouts with Kim Kardashian West, Calvin Harris, and Katy Perry, the comment sections in Swift’s social media pages were pummelled by an onslaught of snake emoji, sent from her rivals’ stans. In early June, Swift ended her 15 month-long relationship with Scottish DJ Calvin Harris (real name: Adam Wiles).About a month later, Swift started dating actor Tom Hiddleston.On the show Kim said that she is working in LA while her family is on vacation all summer. She added North will 'slam the door in her brother's face' and Saint will mimic North.

She admitted Caitlyn Jenner's transition was harder to deal with on camera than her Paris robbery ordeal.'As far as the most difficult thing that we've ever dealt with or filmed was probably Caitlyn's transition.Taylor claimed that she only knew the gist of his song and wasn't made aware of the actual lyrics that ended up in the track.While sat in the bath surrounded by glittering jewels, Taylor is seen singing the lyrics: 'I don't like your perfect crime/ How you laugh when you lie / You said the gun was mine / Isn't cool, no, I don't like you.'Fans have since claimed that the moment is a reference to Kim's traumatic ordeal and slammed the star for being insensitive.In a matter of seconds, her 102 million Instagram followers lost Swift’s trove of hyper-saturated photos forever. Her official website displayed a similarly blank space (sorry).As Swift's internet presence diminished, the rumours grew more fervent. Is there even an album, or has Swift been abducted by aliens? But many fans were quick to assume the video was of a snake's subtle movements.

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